Friday, April 29, 2011

How I Became a SuperHero

When I was younger, I wanted to do something with my life. I wanted to do something extraordinary. I asked God to give me something to do, something only I can do, something that will change the world, something so big, there is no way that I can do it myself, the only way I could possibly do it is if God was doing it through me. I asked God if He wanted me to be a SuperHero, and if He did, to just give me a sign, and I would. The song "Hero", by Skillet started to debue on the radio. I really liked the song, but though it was a fluke. Months later, my request forgotten by myself, I was looking for music videos on you tube. I found a video that did not belong at all, it was Swordkane's "Supervillain Challenge". I was intrigued, and watched it. I heard him mention someone named "Shadow Hare", and looked him up. I found out that there are heroes, and it was possible to be a hero. I didn't believe in heroes, I had the viewpoint that all human beings where, in a sense, evil. But I found out that I was wrong. I remembered what I had asked God a couple months after I took up the name "ShowStopper", and I know that finding out that there are real heroes was the sign that I was looking for.


Tothian said...

Very cool, Great Rev. ShowStopper! I'm glad you joined us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so I guess this was before you became a villain on Youtube.
Your story: It contradicts itself.

Chaos said...

I wrote this on Facebook before I went public about being a former SV. I have proof.

Anonymous said...

So why aren't you posting a retraction now? If you've got nothing to hide, post about your wondrous career of doing nothing as a Youtuber. Oh, I'm sorry, as a "villain."
Man, talking with you is enough to make a guy pull his hair out.

Something I'm sure you know a bit about.

Chaos said...

I have been working on my "Confessions of an Ex-SuperVillain" post. I mostly just watched Joker tribute videos on Youtube. I was concerned more with real life villainy. And she was actually a lot darker than I have let on. I just forgot my flash drive and will have to finish it tomorrow. And I can make screen shots of stuff, I just think that you are a waste of time, and will do what I want when I feel like doing it. And I'm glad that she never did any of the stuff that she had been planning. Anyways, keep digging that hole you keep making for yourself deeper. I was here long before you showed up, and will continue to be here long after you're gone. When you fall in that hole, you may never come back out. I think I'll wait to show myself as well, I don't like the way that video had turned out. I'll remake in once I have my new suit finished. But mark my words, you will become the laughing stock of the entire SV community over your whole "ShowStopper is really Tothian" stunt. No one will ever forget it. I can help to make sure of that.

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