Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Recognize Evil

Evil can disguise itself, but there are ways to show it for what it really is every time. Sometimes something looks good, but it's really a snake waiting to bite you. Not that you have to be wary of every single thing that looks good, but you wouldn't want something that looked bad, now would you? Especially evil people. They might look good and nice on the outside, but on the inside they are nothing but deadly poison. They can't possibly keep up the facade for long, it's impossible, what's on the inside always shows itself, you can tell if a little kid is nice or not just by the way he/she behaves. What's on the heart, and in the mind, always spills out, wither it's good, or evil. Thoughts become words and actions, what's in your heart defines how you act. Like a spring cannot bring up both salty water and sweet, a good person can't do much evil, and an evil person can't do much good. People are like trees, a good tree can have a rotten apple or two, but good apples abound, and the tree is good, it won't have many bad ones at all. On the flip side, a bad tree will have fruit so rotten you can't eat any of it. There might be a few good apples, and that's what they'll try to show you, but they're rotten to the core. A persons friends reflect who they are as well, like a mirror. You behave like your friends behave. You gravitate towards certain people. If you happen to like music a lot, then you'll have friends that mostly like music. If you like to cook, then you'll have friends that like to cook, not all your friends will be like you, but that's what seems to dominate. What you are will reflect in everything you do, what you say, and how you behave in tricky situations. When something happens and a person thinks that the end is near, how does the person act? A good person will concern themselves with helping other people, whilst an evil person will only care about themselves, even at another person's expense. I'm not saying people are either good or evil, there are three sides to each and every person, the good, the evil, and all that lies in between. I'm just saying what lies at the core of every persons heart will show itself, it's going to. No one can keep up a show for long. Nobody.


Tothian said...

Great Rev. ShowStopper,

There are some parts I disagree with and some parts I agreee with, but in the spirit of saving the best for last I'll post the stuff I disagree with about first.

1- While many people do have people similar to themselves 'in some ways' that they befriend, I believe that there is an illusion in the world empowered by people judging others based on the people they "associate" with. But technically, all people are linked in some way. Like a spider web or something. And in the other sense, everyone is an individual and there are no two people exactly alike. The line of thinking that groups people together into categories kind of holds people back from seeing the individual for who they really are, as opposed to the classification they've been defined as. It's too easy to classify, but it's more real to see the individual as an individual.

2- I agree with your theory about the apple trees. It's like the Yin/Yang Theory. In all evil, there is good, and in all good there is evil. I've worked on a longer-term plan to show people the worst side of me first. In a dark room, what's the first thing you'll notice? The brightest spot. Regardless of what direction you're looking in, your eyes will automatically be focused on that. On a bright shiny colored car, what's the first thing you'll notice on it? A scratch. It's hard to ignore that. So I try to show my worst side so that eventually - the people who really understand me - will REALLY understand me. But, I'm a very complex person with a very complex mind, using a very complex strategy. That doesn't mean I try to BE bad, I just try to SHOW that side more. I like to see who can see beyond things like that. Since, if I had to choose, I'd rather be the good guy that everyone thinks is the bad guy, than the bad guy that everyone thinks is the good guy. Really though I'd rather be the good guy that people know is good, but like I said there's a very complex tactic of showing my bad side a lot of the time so that people know that when I am being nice, that it is genuine.

What I do agree with you about, are also a few things.

1- Many people are deceived by bad people, and condemn good people. Granted, nobody is perfect, but usually it's the ones willing to make peace and forgive those who wish to be forgiven, that are the good people.

2- You noticed one thing that I also spoke about some time ago that most people overlook. People think that there's always two sides to everyone and everything - but no - you were correct - there is three. Like a coin for example, most people just see heads or tails, but there's also the edges in between the heads and tails.

-Rev. Tothian

Chaos said...

What I was trying to say about the friends thing was about how your friends kind of reflect who we are. It's in the bible. I'm not saying that you can judge a person solely on the friends they have (actually, I don't like it when people judge at all), but that who you are reflects in your friends. If you hang out with fools, you start becoming like one. You hang out with scholars, you start learning things.

Tothian said...

It can sometimes but not always. It could also depend on if the person is a Leader or Follower, and certain traits that are predisposed during or soon after birth and other traits they develop over time. But it could be kinda like the what came first the chicken or the egg type of thing. More likely though, I think people choose to hang out with others who are like themselves, rather than people becoming more like those they hang out with. So maybe that's what you meant and/or what the Bible was saying about that. Because sometimes people become less like those they hang out with - in a balance sort of way. One talks more, the other listens more, one sits on the left side of the couch, the other sits on the right side of the couch, etc.

Someone told me inside us are two creatures fighting each other all the time. A good one and a bad one. The one that wins? The one you feed more.

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