Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Golden Ruler

Everyone knows what the Golden Rule is: "Do unto others, as they would have them do unto you."

It looks easy enough, don't do anything to anybody that you wouldn't want anyone to do to you.

But what does it really mean?

It's all fine and dandy to *not* do bad things to people, but Jesus was saying that you should *do* things for people. What kind of things?

If you were in prison, wouldn't you want someone to visit you?

If you were hungry, wouldn't you want someone to give you something to eat?

If you were thirsty, wouldn't you want someone to give you something to drink?

Jesus was saying, that if you saw someone who needed something, then you should act towards that person the same way you would want them to act towards you, if you happened to be in their situation.

There was a guy named Constantine who said something that was a very poplular saying back then: "Don't do to others as you wouldn't want them to do to you."

Jesus was very aware of this saying, as were many other people back then. He kicked it up a few notches.

"Do unto others"-
Meaning - The act of *doing*, not not doing.

"as you would have them do unto you."-
Meaning - What you want people to be doing to you if you were in their situation.

So, if you really want to follow the Golden Rule, then remember that it means so much more than just not doing bad things to people. It means doing the things that you would want someone to do for you, if you were in their shoes.

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