Friday, July 22, 2011

A Sacrifice that had to be Made

There is a story about a Cherokee princess, and what she did to save her entire tribe, and the settlers that were there as well. I'm going to tell you guys about it.

This happened back when the settlers were just starting to move into what would be later known as the state of Tennessee, into Cherokee land.
Everything was going fine, things were pretty much peaceful. There was an occasional argument or two, but other than that, it was all good. Until one day, a terrible sickness started to spread. Nobody really knew what was going on, it was totally new to all of them. Some of the people, both settlers and Indian alike, were dying from it, and they had tried everything that they knew of to try to stop it.

The Chief one day told every one about an ancient prophesy that had been told to the people during the time of his grandparents, of a deadly sickness that would spread and kill everyone, unless someone who was pure sacrificed themselves off the highest cliff in the territory, then the disease would disappear forever.

His daughter, who was engaged to be married, heard the story. She cared a lot for all the people, she didn't want to see anyone else die from this. She knew that nobody else was going to do it, so she snuck away one night.

The next morning, everyone was healed. They were so happy, they started celibrating and hugging each other and everything. But people then remembered the prophesy that the Chief had told a few nights ago, about the only way that it could have been healed. They all ran to the bottom of the cliff, and saw the body of the princess.

They mourned for her, they gave her the best funeral, and they never forgot what she had done for them all. She didn't have to do it, no one had forced her to. But she knew that it was the only way. She wanted to do it, to save them.

You know, that's what Jesus did for us. He knew that we were all going to die from the sicknesses of what we have done, and wanted to do what he could to stop that from happening. He didn't have to die to save us, but He wanted to. He wants us to be with Him, for all of eternity. So He made a way, He sacrificed Himself, so that we could live. And all you have to do, is accept that you have made mistakes, and accept the forgiveness that He has given you. He's already forgiven you, you just have to accept it. The keys are in front of you, you just have to grab them. You don't have to be a "good" person, you just have to want to be God's friend. He wants you just the way you are.

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